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Self Employed Business Ideas & Benefits for Women - Ladies Vocational Training

Islam encourages to work hard and earn their sustenance through them. Islam discourages people who are lazy or spending their times idling. The great scholar of Islam, Imam Al-Ghazali writes that:

Hazrat Umar ibn Al-Khattab (RadhiAllahu Anhu) who used to stress this point further by telling people: “Never should anyone of you think that du`a for sustenance without work will avail him, for heaven never rains gold nor silver” (The Book of Provision, Chapter 1). 

It is our duty to do a job and earn money for our sustenance but in a halal (accepted) way. In this section, we have given some ideas for becoming self employed and listed out some of the self employed jobs that you can do from either at​ home or in a small scale.

If you have proper ideas and efficiency you can succeed in these self employed jobs without having large capital or money. ​

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