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Hazrath Sarah (may Allah be pleased with her)

​Hazrath Sarah (RadhiAllahu Anha) was the name of the first wife of Prophet Ibrahim (Alaihissalam) Khalilullah (Allah’s friend) and the mother of Prophet Isaac (Alaihissalam).

One day when Hazrath Ibrahim (Alaihissalam) ‘s father and his father’s companions had gone out to a fair, Hazrat Ibrahim (Alaihissalam) entered into their temple and broke all the idols into pieces except the chief one. When the people came back ad found all the idols broken, they were enraged; and Hazrath Ibrahim (Alaihissalam) was put on trial.

They said: O Abraham (Ibrahim Alaihissalam) ! is it thee who hast done this to our deities? He said: But this, their chief, has done it. So question them, if they can speak. (Al Quran 21: 62, 63)

But idols don’t speak and so the prosecutors and the judges were made to hang down their heads in shame and were made to say:

Surely thou knowest these speak not. (21:56)

“Why do you worship such things them?” was Hazrath Ibrahim (Alaihissalam) ‘s retort. They wanted to burn him alive but Allah saved him and he and his followers settled in Palestine. He lived there for a long time and was very prosperous but his mission took him to Egypt where he went accompanied by his wife Hazrath Sarah RadhiAllahu Anha.

He was becoming old but had no children from Sarah RadhiAllahu Anha. He, therefore, married Hajirah RadhiAllahu Anha and Allah gave him his first son, called Ismail (Alaihissalam) (Ishmael). Since Sarah RadhiAllahu Anha had no children, she was extremely worried. Allah Comanded Hazrath Ibrahim (Alaihissalam) to leave Hazrath Hajirah RadhiAllahu Anha and Hazrath Ismail (Alaihissalam) at some other place. He left them at the place where there is Ka’ba today. Allah blessed that place (the detail is given in the story of Hajirah) .

Hazrath Ibrahim (Alaihissalam) shifted to that place aling with Hazrath Sarah (RadhiAllahu Anha). Years passed; both Hazrath Ibrahim (Alaihissalam) and Sarah (RadhiAllahu Anha) became old and weak, but Sarah (RadhiAllahu Anha) had still no child.

It was Hazrath Ibrahim (Alaihissalam)’s habit that he did not take meal unless there was someone to share it. Once no guest came to him for seven days. Khalilullah was much upset on this account. On the seventh day two guests came. He slaughtered a calf their and then, roasted it on fire and placed it before the guests, but the guests did not even move their hands. How these guests (angles) conveyed the glatidings to Hazrath Ibrahim (Alaihissalam) of the birth of a child has been described in the Holy Qur’an:

"Theysaid: Fear not! Lo! We are sent unto the folk of Lot. And his wife, standing by, laughed when We gave her good tikings (of birth) of Isaac (Alaihissalam), and after Isaac, of Jacob. She said: Oh, woe is me! Shall I bear a child when I am an old woman, and this my husband is an old man? Lo! this is a strange thing! They said: Wonderest thou at the Commandment of Allah? The mercy of Allah and his blessings be upon you, O people of the House!"

 After some time Hazrath Isaac (Alaihissalam) was born to Hazrath Sarah (RadhiAllahu Anha) and thus Allah turned worry into gladness and wonder. Hazrath Isaac (Alaihissalam) was an exalted Prophet of Allah.

* Alaihissalam - Peace be upon him

* RadhiAllahu Anha - May Allah be pleased with her

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