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Allah created the mankind and sent the prophets to every nation throughout the history to show the straight path to the mankind. They were sent with the message of Allah and showed mankind the right path that will lead them to Paradise and to salvation from Hell-fire. All the Prophets preached to their people about the message of Islam; i.e. Allah Almighty is the one and only God and submission to the will of God.

Each prophet was sent only for his respective nation except the last prophet, beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who was sent to the entire world. The Holy Quran, the scripture which was revealed to him, is also Almighty's last testament and it is the message for whole world.

Each Prophet taught his nation about the Oneness of Allah, power of Allah, what are the halal (permissible) and what are the haram (sinful) in the religion of Allah.

It is the Islamic belief that the first man Adam (Peace be upon him) is the first Prophet and beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the final Prophet. It is said that Allah has sent almost 124,000 Prophets to the entire world. However, 25 names of Prophets have been mentioned in Al Quran.

Names of Prophets mentioned in Al Quran

1. Sayyiduna Adam (Peace be upon him)

2. Sayyiduna Idris (Peace be upon him)

3. Sayyiduna Nuh (Peace be upon him)

4. Sayyiduna Hud (Peace be upon him)

5. Sayyiduna Saleh (Peace be upon him)

6. Sayyiduna Ibrahim (Peace be upon him)

7. Sayyiduna Lut (Peace be upon him)

8. Sayyiduna Ismail (Peace be upon him)

9. Sayyiduna Ishaq (Peace be upon him)

10. Sayyiduna Yaqub (Peace be upon him)

11. Sayyiduna Yusuf (Peace be upon him)

12. Sayyiduna Ayyub (Peace be upon him)

13. Sayyiduna Shuayb (Peace be upon him)

14. Sayyiduna Musa (Peace be upon him)

15. Sayyiduna Harun (Peace be upon him)

16. Sayyiduna Dawud (Peace be upon him)

17. Sayyiduna Sulaiman (Peace be upon him)

18. Sayyiduna Ilyas (Peace be upon him)

19. Sayyiduna Alyasa (Peace be upon him)

20. Sayyiduna Yunus (Peace be upon him)

21. Sayyiduna Dhulkifl (Peace be upon him)

22. Sayyiduna Zakariya (Peace be upon him)

23. Sayyiduna Yahya (Peace be upon him)

24. Sayyiduna Eissa (Peace be upon him)

25. Sayyiduna Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

* Sayyiduna is an arabic word means our leader

Note :

Always when the name of beloved Prophet Muhammad is written or pronounced, salawat should be written or called along with it. That is, "Sallallaahu Alaihiwasallam (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)" should be written or called followed by his name. It is compulsory.

Eg: Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alahiwasallam or Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

Further, when other Prophets name are written or called, "Alaihissalam (Peace be upon him)" should be written along with their names.

Eg: Prophet Eissa Alaihissalam or Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him)

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